Tanya Sheremeta
Interactive Designer, Illustrator, and Animator


Say hello. Let's work together.


Iā€™m Tanya, a design professional at the service of other professionals. I believe an idea takes precedence over a specific platform and I understand that the application of a technique requires flexibility and experimentation. I can work with software, code, pencil, paint, clay, tablet, keyboard, and people. The concept, analysis, and research determines the appropriate tool. I was born with busy hands and am creatively indiscriminate. 

I believe that design thinking is equivalent to continuous learning. I work toward mastering proficiency through teaching and sharing resources. If I see a need, I lend a hand. I strive to improve my ability to think, ideate, and imagine possible futures. 

I am looking for my next adventure where I can find problems, create, learn, and collaborate with doers. Interested in working together? Getting coffee? Sketching the specimen collection at the Burke? 

Email me at hello@tanyasheremeta.com